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Festive Sun Print Garland

It’s no secret that we're obsessed with sun print paper over here. While we love using it in our Framed Sun Print craft but the fun doesn't have to stop there - there are so many amazing crafts you can make with this stuff.

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we decided to make a festive garland incorporating sun print paper leaves with other items found in nature. You child will be amazed at their sun paper prints, you'll be left with a beautiful garland to help get into the holiday spirit, and a memory of a fun afternoon with your kiddo.

What's sun print paper?

Sun print paper is a fun art material that makes a picture with the help of the sun - check out the timelapse below to see the magic happen!

How does it work? Light affects our environment by interacting with matter in different ways.  When light encounters matter such as a leaf, some of the energy of the light is absorbed and heats up the leaf. When sunlight interacts with light-sensitive paper, it changes the color of the exposed paper and leaves a silhouette of any object placed on top of the paper.

Get ready... Get set... Craft!

You'll need
1. Leaf stencils
2. Floral berry bunch (we will take these part to make the garland)
3. Decorations for the garland (we used tassels, eucalyptus leaves, and holly berries)
4. Sun print paper

1. Take your berry bunches and unwind them into individual stems.
2. Connect them together until you have your desired garland length.

Sun Paper Leaves
1. Place your leaf stencils on the sun paper, blue side up.
2. Move the paper and stencils on a portable surface into the sun. Full exposure usually takes 2-5 minutes and the paper will turn pale blue. Check out the video below to watch the magic happen!
3. Hold your print under running water for 30 seconds. Lay the print between two paper towels and place a heavy object on top for 15 minutes to flatten it. 
 4. Once dry, cut out the leaves.

1. Use your decorations including the sun print paper leaves and have fun creating a beautiful garland!

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