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Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

No matter how awesome your Thanksgiving dinner is, the road to a successful holiday starts with a little planning. Whether you’re looking for a way to keep kids entertained or just looking to have a little extra fun, this Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt is sure to add excitement to the day!

Why scavenger hunts?

Scavenger hunts encourage young explorers to use their surroundings as a source of learning. Taking your kids on a scavenger hunt helps them gain confidence through exploration, but more importantly, it will help develop their observation and critical thinking skills, two crucial qualities for a child's development.

Get ready... Get set... Wonder!

Parent Prep

Download our Thanksgiving scavenger hunt card (a spin on our Nature Scavenger Hunt cards found in our Nature Kit)! Our Nature Kit includes 2 activities, 2 crafts, an embroidered Nature badge, and a magic crystal growing tree!

Game on! 

How are you going to set up the hunt? Individual or teams? Competitive or calm? Any way you play gives you and your relatives something to do and talk about and most importantly —it can create those special holiday memories!

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