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Have you ever been so tired from planning a day of fun for the family…

That you almost didn’t have the energy to actually enjoy the day?

2020 was a stressful, scary year for all of us. For those of us with families, trying to explain to our children why we couldn’t do the normal things they were used to was a challenge.

For my family, 4th of July weekend was a real challenge - the first major holiday our kids were going to miss. Gone were the days of swimming at the local pool, gathering with our family and friends, and, of course, attending the big fireworks show.

But like so many of you, I knew I had to try something to keep the celebration alive, even in our quarantine life. So even if we couldn’t take our kids camping, I could bring camping to them!

So to create their camping day, I scoured the internet to find the best camping-themed crafts and the coolest experiences, bought the necessary supplies, and then organized a schedule of fun and activities. I was finally ready for our camping-themed adventure, but there was one small problem:

I was so tired from all of the planning, and the day hadn't even started!

Fortunately, the excitement won me over, and I found my second wind. We ended up having SO. MUCH. FUN. We played, laughed, and connected. Our family will always remember that special day.

I loved the day we ended up with and that we found a magical way to break my family from our everyday routine. But after the holiday weekend had come and gone, I realized just how much time and energy it took to create, plan and organize the day.

Then I began to wonder about other families - ones with their own kids, their own time commitments, and their own busy lives.

I wanted to give them a way to create their own special days, too, and that’s when I knew I had to start Ready. Set. Wonder!

We put together everything you need for a special family day so all you have to do is focus on the fun. Each kit is interactive, educational, and engaging, designed to give kids hands-on crafts and activities that will spark their imaginations all day long.

Our family’s wonderful day started with wonder, and we want your family to share those same magical moments, too.

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